To the Zee

June 29, 2010

Haarlem Station, Holland, 2010To the sea,

breaking stride just long enough to check,

the wrong side of the tracks in Haarlem.

Curious wandering on sunlit parallels.

Leave it

June 19, 2010

Window on Train with Bottle

Leave it.  Someone else will get it.  Why bother?  Next time I get on, I’ll be sitting somewhere else or someone will have picked it up.  In fact, I’m sure I never even had this thought at all.

Trains in Orbit

April 11, 2010

The low rumbling of the speeding steel cave jolted him into awareness.  This was certainly a peculiar situation, him being inside a large metal hollow, speeding his way through and around the streets of the city.  He and his fellow passengers; were they like dangerous zoo animals lurking in the back of an exhibit?  Eventually the doors would open and they would venture forth in search of food.  A passing train only served to enhance this vision: yet another hungry mob who would do the same at their final destination.  Like rivals on a football pitch, they went their opposite ways, each like a planet or a moon-let, circulating around the city that was it’s sun.  He only hoped that the paths of the trains were as safe and deterministic as those of the planets above…