July 8, 2010

Zandvoort, Holland

Dry parched lips and under-stimulated tongues brought forth memories,

a dying wish for an ice-cream.

It was allowed; the beach was designed for such things,

especially when you’ve got een en vijftig.

A fumble later and it was done,

ice turned to cream turned to compounds turned to atoms.

I needed those atoms,

I needed that ice.

I was a buck and a half poorer,

but twice as nice.

Beach Club Tien

July 6, 2010

Beach Club Tien, Zandvoort, The Netherlands

Hot sand, hot pavers like burning hot coals,

“Drop in for a beer,” they said.

I poured it into my waiting mouth,

and waited for it to reach my toes.

Compact Bike at Zandvoort Beach, HollandUnencumbered, we moved about the train,

and now, we have our feet.

Look what unlimited resources can get you!

T’is a pity,

for sure.