September 23, 2010

The milky white glare of a heavy fog descended over the parklands, unable or unwilling to lift.  Like neunundneunzig luftballons the birds took to the air, in search of respite.  Or breakfast.  But, it was useless.  Nature had pulled her veil in tightly.  For now, they would stay within her protective shroud, neither predator nor prey.

For now, time would stand still.

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Conspiracy Theory

September 21, 2010

Cats conspire against one another“That’s it, just a little closer…closer…”

“Well, well, well.  Soooo, you’ve discovered Jenga have ye?  You crazy kids today, with your video games and your FIFA 2008.  Why don’t you get off your lazy behinds and play some real games, like Bingo or Blind Man’s Bluff.  If you wanna stack wood, why don’t cha go play in the forest and get Grandpa some firewood eh?  Lazy, the lotta ya!  Wikipedia says that it is a game of physical and mental skill ya say?  I’ll give you a damn good wikipediaing!  Get back here!”*

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Hakima (Whiplash)

May 31, 2010

A sign posted on a brick wall searching for Hakima near Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hakima (Whiplash), please, contact Carlos urgently.

I’ve been looking for you every possible way.  I left a note with my contact details in the place where we met.

There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t thought of you.

Found at Noordermarkt, Amsterdam – May 29, 2010.