Frozen Home

February 8, 2011

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Bureaucrat, autocrat, and technocrat,
With sudden speech they succumbed.
Elitist, tourist, and socialist,
On the edges of books they thumbed.

But months, weeks, days, hours,
Now all of it lay in the past.
Minutes, seconds, the breath in my hands,
It became my home on the last.





November 26, 2010

Back here I’ll hide; at least until the fog lifts.

Then I’ll go hunting.

Beware of trolls.

Trolls – beware.


November 17, 2010

Spin, spin my little head for life depends on sticky thread. So form a web from you to me then bird can also have his tea.

Density (Haiku)

September 22, 2010

Step inside the fog,

Up, down, left, right, side to side,

You might just get lost.

Keyholes and Glidepaths

September 20, 2010

Light slips through glass, glass through air,
air through the pilot, the cabin, and the chair.

The crew becomes restless, restless with desire,
smoke passes through air, air passes through fire.

The captain looks up, one last moment of toil,
air over wings and wings over soil.

Rubber hits ground, and he reaches his goal,
iron slips through the air, like a key in a hole.

Brakes come into line like a phalanx of old,
“click!” goes the cylinder and releases its hold.

Hearts beat fast, “in competition” I’m told,
the safety of Earth lives deep in the fold.

And now that nothing remains to be bartered or sold,
just open the door, life belongs to the bold.


August 30, 2010

Geese in Beatrix Park They come and go,

lead on paper removed by vulcanized gum,

like particles popping and with great agility.

In, then out.

The second hand’s bounce.

One tick then two, some marks remain.

Others stay vain,

lost in the rain.

Path in Beatrix Park Some think themselves masters,

immune to Fate’s gentle line.

Yet with each scratch of his lead,

some of their coal must go on.

Trace his lines and a shadow remains.

Like the farmer who runs with two pails in his hands,

a liquid gives chase, showing from where he came.

His energy spent to save his neighbour,

their efforts ranked higher than his mortal remains.

Friend, or not.

Beer and the Outdoors

August 11, 2010

Beer Garden

If only there were such a thing,
a “Beer Garden” could be my winning numbers.
I’d pick of the beer plants,
avoiding the obvious blunder.

If only I could keep the inside in
and the outside out,
we’d have a trifecta,
without a doubt.


August 10, 2010

Window covered by bamboo

Ignorance is bliss,
and so I shade the light.
Harsh in the morning;
bamboo puts up a fight.

In the evening it differs,
moving outside from in.
Letting all the old cows,
learn what’s on within.

Perhaps a curtain would do,
I would sleep forty winks.
No sights to see,
leaving nothing to think.

In the end it will stay,
like the hair on my head.
I can’t be bothered,
I’ll use a blanket instead.

Watery Portals

July 20, 2010

Wine, water, and the window,
a trifecta of human pleasures.
A toe in the water,
a bottle in hand,
we drank in heady measures.

Floating, bobbing,
and shade,
So easy to please,
we had it all made.

Alas it was time,
and our numbers were up.
We each chose our tip.
Hup, Holland, hup.

Outside In

July 16, 2010

Television gazes at the moon through the window

Don’t be fooled,
they know what you’re thinking.
No smarter than they,
no dumber, or equal.

The way they look,
the way that they stare,
they know what you’re thinking,
they are fully aware.

So remember this well,
remember it twice,
I’ll not say it again,
But I’ll try and be nice.

When you go for a walk,
when you walk and you talk,
when you talk and eat pork,
eat pork with a fork.

You should know that they know,
above and below,
and all that between,
is just as it seems.