Hup Holland Hup!

July 7, 2010

World Cup 2010 Semifinal Holland versus Uruguay in AmsterdamThe Oranje’s are in the final and nearly all of Amsterdam converged on Museumplein to watch Holland’s 3-2 win over Uruguay.

World Cup 2010 Holland versus Uruguay in Amsterdam at MuseumpleinBeing from a short country, I missed the first goal and so, our party moved to De Balie where we could watch unimpeded, like the true aficionados we are.  Curiously, “our” team was now in the final and “we” kicked three goals.  I suppose that is ok, considering our personal pecking order of teams.  Once one team gets knocked out, you select another.  Once the win was secured, the mobs descended on the streets, stopping cars and generally going mental.  If the World Cup has achieved anything this year, it will be the global proliferation of the vuvuzela. Numerous hangovers, or “katten”, will be crawling the streets, shops, and office buildings as we tend a careful boiling wait until this Sunday.

If Holland wins, it will be the mother of all parties.  Even bigger than Queen’s Day?

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Queen's Day in Amsterdam 2010

The Wanderer had chomped his last croquette, hit his last Heineken, swaggered his last step, cruised his last canal, and relived his last rejection.  There was only one thing left for this dapper dancing drunken dilettante to do…