Hey! I did something!

Today I went to the South Fremantle Senior Highschool Grower’s Market.  Does that sound like a mouthful?  Well, if you are a fan of the double entendre the truth is that it was definitely that.  Fresh vegetables, fresh coffee, fresh pork and goat burgers (awesome)…ok…full disclosure time I did man the stall for a brief period, but I had one at 9am and it was pretty amazing.  No, I hadn’t had breakfast.  Yes, if you have coffee with something it becomes breakfast.  We even had to relight the barbecue for one late-comer.  Sell outs: pork belly.  We brought home the bacon.


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What is a souk? The short answer is that it is the Arabic name for a marketplace. But, to say it is merely a marketplace would be a lie. Case in point: the souk of Marrakech.
The souk in the old medina of Marrakech is the largest in Morocco and, as the many shopkeepers would tell you, the best. Accessible from the Djemaa el Fna at any number of covered locations, it is little wonder there is some nervous tension. If you get lost in there, you better remember your high-school French so you can ask for directions back to the square!
The souk itself is at least one square kilometre of labyrinthine streets, most parts of it covered by makeshift roves that span the adjacent buildings. Whilst this makes for cooler conditions inside the street mall, it does reinforce a feeling that you have suddenly entered another world. With no sun or sky overhead, you quickly lose track of time and space; entering the souk in the afternoon and leaving at night (if you managed to stay “directional”) is a surreal experience.
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June 4, 2010

NoordermarktAfter last week’s experiences with the Albert Cuypmarkt, it seemed prudent to try the other “talked about” market in Amsterdam, the Noordermarkt (North Market).  As the story goes, one should visit the Noordermarkt on a Saturday morning, where you can take advantage of the boerenmarkt (farmer’s market) as well as a leisurely walk around the flea markets, where you can find an abundance of interesting trinkets.  Sifting through the contents of someone’s house might not appeal to everyone, but here it is certainly a low-cost way to spend a Saturday morning.  Besides, if you happen to get hungry, there is always apple pie close by. Read the rest of this entry »

Albert Cuypmarkt

May 27, 2010

Hey thanks! Yeah I’ll have that spring roll for a euro! Oh, and that delicious, hot stroopwafel, alstublieft. Oh, you want to give me that freshly squeezed orange juice too? While we are here, let’s just get a kilo of chicken fillets for five euro, and a bag of 20 red chilies for 1.50. Chili Chicken anyone?

Consider this your only warning! The Albert Cuypmarkt is awesome. Located on Albert Cuypstraat in the Amsterdam suburb of De Pijp, it’s a short stroll from the Heineken Experience. It is large, meaning that it has over 300 stalls, and it is diverse, meaning that in the space of just a few blocks, you can get practically anything.  So, make sure to bring some coin, and a backpack of some kind, because you wont be going home empty handed.  You cannot resist its powers.  If you didn’t bring a wad of money, you’ll end up walking all over town looking for a geldautomat and, I don’t know about you, but I still can’t say that in Dutch.

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