Keyholes and Glidepaths

September 20, 2010

Light slips through glass, glass through air,
air through the pilot, the cabin, and the chair.

The crew becomes restless, restless with desire,
smoke passes through air, air passes through fire.

The captain looks up, one last moment of toil,
air over wings and wings over soil.

Rubber hits ground, and he reaches his goal,
iron slips through the air, like a key in a hole.

Brakes come into line like a phalanx of old,
“click!” goes the cylinder and releases its hold.

Hearts beat fast, “in competition” I’m told,
the safety of Earth lives deep in the fold.

And now that nothing remains to be bartered or sold,
just open the door, life belongs to the bold.

Hakima (Whiplash)

May 31, 2010

A sign posted on a brick wall searching for Hakima near Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hakima (Whiplash), please, contact Carlos urgently.

I’ve been looking for you every possible way.  I left a note with my contact details in the place where we met.

There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t thought of you.

Found at Noordermarkt, Amsterdam – May 29, 2010.

White Dwarf

May 21, 2010

A single white balloon, somebody’s forgotten celebration, floats quietly across the sky. Its pointless journey helped along by a gentle westerly. On a collision course with Goliath, the wind takes pity, guiding it towards the sanctuary of open sky. Was this my American Beauty moment? And just how long would that balloon cling to life up there, unsupported, and alone.

No Chain, No Gain

May 20, 2010

Our local troubles behind us, we rode in the sunshine, carefree, like people who had no cares, and were free.

Suddenly, my bike made a sickly thunk

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