L’Empire de la Mort

May 17, 2010

After descending down a tightly wound corkscrew for what seemed like an eternity, I was finally beneath the streets of Paris.  Immediately, a feeling of apprehension began squeezing on my heart.   I noticed my heart pounding, but then again I had just crept down an exceedingly long staircase; i’m sure that was the reason.

A series of gloomy tunnels opened up, just enough to permit entry for one or two travelers foolish enough to continue.  The air was heavy.  Old.  I wondered if I was in fact re-breathing the very same air as those I was soon to meet.  I tried to moved quickly, if only to beat the stale air around me, to get things moving, but my sub-conscious forced me into a grim shuffle.

The Catacombs of Paris

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