If you’ve been following my blog, you might have noticed that I am currently writing a novel!  Since I tend to get asked a similar set of questions about this whenever I do manage to socialize, I thought I would document some of that Q&A here:

Q: What is your book about?  Is it fiction or non-fiction?

A: Think Brave New World, but far less brave.  Fiction – I hope.

Q: What kind of book is it?

A: A distopian future – perhaps even multiple distopian futures.  I forget.

Q: How much have you written.

A: Nearly at the halfway point, unless something terrible happens!  This is why we back up our work.

Q: When will it be finished?

A: I’m currently predicting December, but to get there I need to write at least 8000 words a week.  Focus!

Q: What is it like to write a book?

A: Hard.  Like Parmesan.  But everyone loves it anyway.

Q: ?

7 Responses to “History Books”

  1. Hard–indeed.
    Are you loving it and is the writing loving you back? Hope so.
    Hi. Nice to meet you via Echostains/Bookstains. Enjoyed your Mona Lisa haiku very much.

  2. iheartfilm said

    I really need to start writing again. I’ve been reading too much . . .

  3. So — by now–2012– this book is completed–right?

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