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Life without the Internet

January 7, 2011

A month without the internet!  A month devoid of on-demand news, emails and the growing blight of social media!  And, now that I am connected once again to “the outside world” and I’m back at home in Australia, sitting on the couch I left behind just nine months ago, I ask myself the question: which is better?  To live with the internet, or without it.  I believe the answer lies in moderation.  The internet is an invaluable tool.  It helps us stay connected with one another in the most efficient and expedient way we humans have yet devised and yet, there is a value in disconnection as well.  A month without the internet has allowed me to travel, to see parts of Germany and Sweden that I will remember for a long time to come.  On the downside, it means I am a month behind on my blog!

So, a big apology to those of you who check in to see the sights!  My absence from this blog was far longer than expected.  But, when you are travelling from place to place and the experiences are coming thick and fast, it becomes very difficult to sit down and write up a summary of the days events.

But, in the words of James Brown…