Sore Hand – An Interlude

November 10, 2010


With five chapters to go and a numbness in my left hand, the blogging has taken a back seat over the last few days as I try to punch out the remainder of my novel. Everything would be fine if I didn’t ever want to type the letters ‘a’ (ow), ‘s’ (ouch), ‘z’ (yeah that really not good), or ‘x’ (which makes me really glad you can’t spell anything with those alone…)


Street Art

May 13, 2010

To some it offends.  To others, it inspires.  To me, I capture it and share.  Does that imply I condone it?  Or have I simply captured a slice of life?  By distribution, have I offended or inspired?  Do the artists who dreamed these images expect for it to stand the test of time?  Or, do they expect it to be wiped clean like a splattered kitchen bench-top on a fortnightly basis by an overworked unappreciative city council man?

In either case, it is transitory, and has a lifetime, as do all things.