Port Douglas

September 1, 2012

Several months ago I took a trip to Queensland.  A quick getaway – I didn’t know what I would find, but hoped it would be peaceful…

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Norah Head

January 15, 2012

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January 5, 2012

The moon has been an object of fascination since the beginning of recorded history.  Last month was no different when I purchased a new toy for my camera: a telescope adaptor!

Borrowing a friend’s telescope for a few days, I managed to shoot my first (albeit blurry) images of the moon.  Obviously there are better examples out there, but this one is mine and I like it.  I now have an appreciation just how hard (and how expensive) a hobby astrophotography must be.  The rewards, however, might just be worth it.  Buying an expensive telescope has always been on my wish list…

Earlier last month, I captured this image of lunar eclipse without a telescope.  Quite small in comparison don’t you think?  The moon is 1/6th the size of Earth but without a basis for comparison, it really is hard to tell…


Etihad Stadium by Night

July 21, 2011

Albert Park, Melbourne

July 19, 2011

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Video Rehash

July 3, 2011

Inspired by the brilliance of one of my fellow bloggers (who just happens to be a very funny and brilliant friend of mine) I went back to one of my old blogs and “reimagined it”. 

Here is the result.


June 27, 2011

This might be a little hard to explain…

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