Two Hundred Pages of Editing: Insanity Sets In

August 17, 2011

To edit a novel takes patience, discipline, courage, time, and funds.  It’s a labour of love.  It’s something you started and are now forced to finish.  It’s a crack in a teacup when all you want is a hot drink.

That last one might have been a stretch, but the insanity has set in.  Visions of the mad hatter now spring to mind as I stare out the window of my little room (the White Stripes wrote a good song about this).  But with forty pages to go, I’m on the home stretch and the end is in sight.  Just try not to think about the next draft.  Or the mail.  There are only so many times a day that one can check it.  It mostly ends up being junk anyway, but throwing things away is a task, isn’t it?

In my novel, some of the characters may be experiencing some existential crises.  And as I sit in my little black room with the lights off to save power, I feel like a character actor.  Am I merely deploying the Stanislavski method to writing?  The trick I believe is to ride the edge; for going insane for one’s art might be heroic in some sense, but I have better things to do.

Cake, anyone?


8 Responses to “Two Hundred Pages of Editing: Insanity Sets In”

  1. Hang in there! You need to finish it and let it go!!! The world wants to see it…I promise.

  2. westwood said

    It’s MUCH harder to edit your own than someone else’s.

  3. Editing and revising–ahhh the agony! But also the joys of admiring the work. By now you’re completely off your rocker or you’re skating skillfully on the edge.
    Hmmm, not sure what to make of your pork belly though…..

    • I’ve pulled back from the brink since then. The pork belly helped a lot. I’m trying not to think about the fourth draft…

      • DON’T think about. Seriously. Get away from it for a while. Do something entirely different with your mind. Been there, done it. Get some “air”, relax, refressh before doing a fourth draft. LUCK! IF the pork belly helped then by all means wallow in it! LOL.

  4. clegyrboia said

    the White Stripes in the photo say it all YET as others said hang in there it will be worth it

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