The Reincarnation of Sam: Part 4 – Pond Party: Down to the Last Minute

June 14, 2010

“Awww yeah!” said Sam, jumping out of his watery bed.  “I’ll have a wicked sick pond party and comp everyone some sweet as worms.”  Sam wondered if sourcing some bacon for his fellow pond peeps would score him some nice karma points.  He rallied his duckling army.

Swan Ducklings in Beatrix Park, Amsterdam“Boys, girls, tonight we party,” he said.

“Why?” said his brother Peter.

“Because dude, that’s what people, uh, swans do!  All we do is fish around, looking for worms, eating a bit of grass, getting some handouts.  Mate, we are BUMS!  We need to do something!”

“Like what?” said his sister Rie.

“Like party, you goose!” he exclaimed.  His brothers and sisters took great amusement from his last comment.  Apparently, calling a swan a goose was like calling a rookwurst a hotdog.  “Come on!  Let’s get organised you turkeys!”  Even more laughter broke out.  “Whoa!  I don’t get no respect!”  Sam was quickly turning into the Rodney Dangerfield of the swan comedy circuit.

The Fountain at Beatrix Park in AmsterdamThere was no time to waste.  Sam knew that he needed four things: a venue, some brews, entertainment, and a slick ride to get his guests to the party.  The venue was easy.  Sam’s rich uncle Pilaf had a sweet lily pad uptown on the other side of the park.  And, he was was migrating for the night over in Vondelpark with a special pen friend!  So all he had to do was set it all up, and get the place cleaned up before he came back!

Now, entertainment was easy.  He’d just get those crazy sick as geese to do their thang.  But how would he convince them to show up for free?  Time to call in Marcus.

“Marcus, my man!” said Sam, after trawling through the backwaters of the park in search for the little man.  “How you doing?  I need you to do me a solid.”

“Well hello there me old china!  What say we pop on over to the ol’ near and far?”

“The what?” said Sam.  Marcus wasn’t a native, that much was clear, but he’d never quite revealed where he hailed from originally.  ‘England’ is about as close as he ever got to finding out.

“The BAR!” he said, as if it were obvious.

“No time for that my man, ” said Sam.  “If I can get the geese to play at a party tonight, would you be interested in checkin’ them out?  You know, see if you want to sign them?  Also, I need some brews.”

“What’s in it for me?” he said.  “Uhh, I can try to get that Dog off your back?” said Sam.  Marcus agreed, and left Sam to arrange it.

Dog Statue in Beatrix Park, AmsterdamDog was busy worshiping when Sam arrived on the scene.  After some hastily made negotiations, Sam agreed to let Dog chase him around the park instead of Marcus.  The only conditions were no permanent scars and if Dog chased off any humans that had day old bread for feeding birds, all bets were off.

Although Sam didn’t feel entirely comfortable with the arrangement, it was necessary, he felt, to regain some karma points.  After all, this was his life.  Whilst he was starting to feel at home in the park, he felt his humanity slowly slipping away.  He needed to get back to a human body, soon.

Geese at the Bos in AmsterdamNext stop, the geese.  Sam made the half hour trek across the park to begin negotiations.  The geese were busy practicing their hip hop routine, turning their heads left and right and bouncing up and down.  Every now and again, one would let out a hiss and draw the others into a hissing contest.  Sam challenged them.  “Which one of you guys can rock the mike tonight?”  This, together with a promise of having Marcus there to check out their talent, was enough to secure their support for the party.  All that was left was the limousine service.

Wildlife in Beatrix Park, AmsterdamThe smoothest ‘cat’ that Sam knew in the park was Eduardo.  Eduardo was known for his ability to stand out in a crowd, and his crazy mullet lion’s mane thing that he had going on meant that he was in business for himself.  Sam didn’t have to bribe or cajole this guy into providing his services.  He practically jumped at the chance to mingle with the peeps at the party.  “Les do it.” said Eduardo.  And it was done.

The Moon as seen from AmsterdamNight fell, and the guests arrived.  The geese had set up and started playing before anyone had shown up.  Eduardo, after picking up guests from the party and escorting them to the fountain, came in fashionably late, making an impromptu speech as the geese took a break.  Marcus was busy handing out drinks, chatting up the band, and generally ‘making waves’ as he called it.  Even Dog showed up, but didn’t do much more than try to sniff at unsuspecting party-goers.  The night appeared to be a smashing success.  The pond party was going off, and Sam had done it!

Triple Exposure of Geese at Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsThen, Marcus came running over.  “Sam, your Uncle Pilaf is coming home early!  We gotta clean this place up!”

Sam’s world began to spin uncontrollably.  Suddenly, the geese had multiplied.  Instead of one band, there were three.  How was he going to clean up after three bands instead of one?  It was all going horribly wrong!  And then, he blacked out.

Any resemblance to House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute is entirely coincidental.

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