Albert Cuypmarkt

May 27, 2010

Hey thanks! Yeah I’ll have that spring roll for a euro! Oh, and that delicious, hot stroopwafel, alstublieft. Oh, you want to give me that freshly squeezed orange juice too? While we are here, let’s just get a kilo of chicken fillets for five euro, and a bag of 20 red chilies for 1.50. Chili Chicken anyone?

Consider this your only warning! The Albert Cuypmarkt is awesome. Located on Albert Cuypstraat in the Amsterdam suburb of De Pijp, it’s a short stroll from the Heineken Experience. It is large, meaning that it has over 300 stalls, and it is diverse, meaning that in the space of just a few blocks, you can get practically anything.  So, make sure to bring some coin, and a backpack of some kind, because you wont be going home empty handed.  You cannot resist its powers.  If you didn’t bring a wad of money, you’ll end up walking all over town looking for a geldautomat and, I don’t know about you, but I still can’t say that in Dutch.

Want to get your fruit and veg? Meat? Fancy a fillet of fish, or perhaps just the head? You might decide you just wanted to get some shoes, makeup, a feather boa, and possibly some stockings. I’m not really into it personally, but it sounds like fun. I’ve seen NYPD Blue, and I know what goes on. And, if you just came from Heineken, it might not seem like such a dumb idea after all.

Apart from the seemingly insane blend of subject matter, there is also a fairly good opportunity to do some people watching. Interesting haircuts are always welcome. Have a tremendously large dog the size of a Canta? You should probably bring it to the market!  You can scare small children away so that you can be first in line for the stroopwafels.

Factually speaking, the market is open from 9am to 5pm, every day except Sunday. I went on a Saturday, and the word on the street is this is the best day to go – especially if the weather is good!

FYI – The chicken parmesana that resulted from this trip was excellent.


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